Ex.4 Insert prepositions or post-verbal adverbs.

1. What is the number your carriage? Number 12the rear the train. Shall we ask a porter to help us the luggage? Yes, porter! We want these boxes to go the luggage van... the 15.40 train Leningrad, and we will put these bags the luggage rack.

2. How long is this ticket valid for? It is valid three days and you may break your journey any place you like. I should like to change soft class. Must I pay excess fare that? Yes youll have to pay three dollars extra.

3. Tidy up the bedding, our train is approaching Moscow another 10 minutes we shall be pulling the station. We are always in Moscow the dot.

4. Where is my little bag? You must have left it the bus Oh, no! Thanks goodness its here the rack my head.

5. Here is the luggage office. I must have my heavy luggage registered Berlin

6. Trains Moscow and Leningrad always run schedule.

7. I must reclaim my bag, which I left the left luggage office. But we are only just time the train, you havent a moment left. Dont worry, the train doesnt go another 10 minutes and it is more than enough time. I think I shall still have time to call the bookstall the way. I want to buy some magazines and newspapers to read the train.

8. Lets meet the waiting room. Ill be the entrance ten five. Im afraid it will be too late. This is the rush hour and all suburban trains will be filling quickly and we shant find seats.

9. I dont like to sit my back the engine. Id better seat opposite Im not fussy the draught.

10. At last were off. Now I can go the corridor and have a smoke. Dont be too long, the attendants will bring tea any moment now.

11. I want a soft-class seat an express train Gorky. When would you like to leave? As soon as possible. Here is a ticket the 15.00 trough train leaving today. Thank you very much.


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