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Ex.6 Read the text “Traveling by air. Passport control. Customs”.


In 30 years, international travel has completely changed, and the world has become a global village. Crossing the world is as easy as (sometimes easier than) getting from one side of a city to another. The world of the travel has developed into a huge industry. People who go on business trips usually travel by air, as it is the fastest means of traveling. Here are a few hints about air travel that may be helpful.

Passengers are requested to arrive at the airport two hours before depar­ture time on international flights and an hour early on domestic flights, as there must be enough time to complete the necessary check-in formalities.

Passengers must register their tickets and weigh and check in their lug­gage. Most airlines have at least two classes of travel, first class and economy class, which is cheaper. Each passenger of more than two years of age has a free luggage allowance. Generally this limit is 20 kg for economy class and 30 kg for first class passengers. Excess luggage must be paid for except for some articles that can be carried on free of charge.

Each passenger is given a boarding pass to be shown at the departure gate and again to the flight attendant when boarding the plane.

Watch the flashing electric signs when you are on board. When the "Fasten Seat Belts" sign goes on, do it promptly, and also obey the "No Smoking" signal. Do not forget your personal things when leaving the plane.

Landing formalities and customs regulations are more or less the same in all countries. While still on board the plane, passengers are given an arrival card to fill in. After the passenger has disembarked, officials will check his passport and visa. In some countries, they will check the passenger's certificate of vaccina­tion. The traveler is also requested to have an AIDS test within ten or four­teen days of his/her arrival in some countries. If the traveler fails to do so, strict measures could be taken by the authorities, including imprisonment (in some countries) or payment of a considerable penalty. When these formalities have been completed, the passenger goes to Cus­toms for an examination of his luggage. Every country has its own customs regulations, which stipulate what articles are liable to duty and what are duty free. Sometimes an article, which falls under customs restrictions and is liable to duty is allowed as duty free as traveller does not exceed a certain fixed quota. These are listed in a duty free quota list. Customs restrictions also include a prohibited articles list. This is a list of items, which may be brought into a country or taken out of it. If a traveller has any item, which comes under customs restrictions, he is asked to declare it.

As a rule, personal belongings may be brought in duty-free. If the traveler has nothing to declare, he may just go through the "green" section of Customs. In some cases, the Customs inspector may ask you to open your bags for inspection. It sometimes happens that a passenger's luggage is carefully gone through in order to prevent smuggling. After you are through with all of the customs formalities, the inspector will put a stamp on each piece of luggage or chalk it off. You can then take your luggage and enter the country.


Ex.7 Answer the questions.

1. How long before departure time is it advisable to arrive at the airport?

2. What airport formalities is the passenger requested to complete be­
fore he boards the plane?

3. What do you do if you have excess luggage?

4. What can you carry to the cabin free of charge?

5. What electric signs must the passenger obey?

6. What are the usual landing formalities and customs regulations?

7. Is the passenger's vaccination certificate always checked? Why?

8. What do you do if you have nothing to declare?

9. Some passengers' luggage may be gone through carefully. Is that a
regular occurrence? Why is it done?


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