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Fill in the blanks with the words from your active vocabulary.


One day my friend was supposed to take a (1) ______________ from London to Paris. He got to the (2) _____________________, checked in quite early and then went to the (3) _____________ to read newspaper while he waited. Soon he heard an announcement: "All in and from Paris are (4) _________________ because of heavy snowfall last night". "If only I had decided to go by (5) ________________" my friend thought. "It would have been quicker in the end and even if I sometimes feel sick on the (6) ______________ across the Channel, it can be quite pleasant sitting in a (7) ___________________on the (8) _______________, watching the seagulls flying above.


On Friday afternoon Jean went to the (1) _______________ to pick up a suitcase she had left there earlier in the morning. Then she went to the (2) ________________ and asked for a second-class (3) ________________ to Littleton. A few minutes later she checked the (4) ____________ to see where her train was about to leave. It was (5) ____________ When she reached the platform, the (6) _____________ were almost full. She was lucky to find a (7) ______________ seat. It was also a (8) ____________ compartment since Jean was a non-smoker. She wanted to have a snack, but there was no (9) ______________ train.



Sandra went to Heathrow as she was going to Athens for the weekend. She had only one suitcase to (1) _____________, her handbag went as a (2) ______________. She gave her (3) _________ to the check-in clerk and asked if she could have an (4) _____________ seat. The clerk gave her a (5) ____________and asked her to go to the (6) _____________lounge. But before Sandra got there, she had to pass through a (7) _____________. The plane (8) ____________ on time and an hour and a half later (9) _____________ in

Athens. Sandra took her handbag from the (10) _______________ and went to pick up her suitcase. Finally she passed through the (11) _______________ and took a taxi to get to the hotel.










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