Figure 2 - Continuous signal and its samples


Mentioned above blocks form individual channel signals by TDM method at the transmission and their demultiplexing at the receiving it is individual part of analogue-digital equipment (ADE). Blocks considered below it is a group part of the ADE.

The TDM is a simple method, however PAM signal has a low noise stability to noises and distortions. Linear distortions (the nonlinearity of amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency characteristics) lead to a long transient process and intersymbol interference (ISI) in result.






  1. Development of the Continuous Aspect
  2. Figure 2.4 PCM and difference coding
  3. Hypersignal
  4. Past Continuous
  5. Past Perfect Continuous
  7. This figure of identity consists in expressive comparison of two objects which have something in common.

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