Figure 2.4 PCM and difference coding

Figure 2.3 PCM and difference coding


At equipment of plesiochronous digital hierarchy (PDH) the PCM is used. Various types of PCM coders are known.




2.2 PCM principle


Process of analogue-to-digital transformation to PCM consists of three stages:

1. Sampling (fs according to Sampling theorem). As a result of this operation a PAM signal is formed from analogue signal;

2. Quantization on amplitude of the PAM signal;

3. Quantized PAM signal is converted to m-digit binary signal.

Depending on amplitude response (characteristic) type, linear (uniform) and nonlinear (nonuniform) quantization are distinguished.


Amplitude response (characteristic) Amplitude response (characteristic)

of linear quantization of nonlinear quantization





  1. Figure 2 - Continuous signal and its samples
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  4. This figure of identity consists in expressive comparison of two objects which have something in common.

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