Are these instructions correct?

(Answer YES or NO). Correct the wrong ones:

(a) Turn the plug anti-clockwise, and tighten it.

(b) Look at the gap and clean it.

(c) Put the gauge into the gap and check the width.

(d) Tighten the plug with your hand. Then use the spanner.


4. Which is the correct width of the gap? Choose (a), (b) or (c):

(a) 0.5 mm (b) 0.85 mm (c) 1.65 mm


5. Answer the questions:

1. What do you remove if you check a spark plug?

2. Where do you place the spanner?

3. What should you examine?

4. What do you insert in the gap?

5. What is the caution when you check the spark plug?

6. You place the spanner over the spark plug, dont you?

7. Do you place the spanner over the plug and give a quarter turn clockwise?

8. You do not overtighten the plug, do you?


6. Complete the sentences:

Place the spanner over

Remove the plug from

Check that the gap is

Replace the plug in

Rotate the plug

Do not overtighten

Place the spanner over the plug and give


Ive changed the plugs.


  1. Are these true or false? Correct the false ones.
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