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British-Ukrainian Relationship

Ties between Great Britain and Ukraine stretch far back in history. Volodymyr Monomach, who became Grand Prince of Rus in 1113, was married to Gytha, a daughter of the English king Harold. Building close ties between Great Britain and Ukraine is an important British priority. Great Britain is taking particular steps to support Ukraine policies of transformation. Through the Know-How Fund she has already supported 50 projects in areas from restructuring the electricity and agricultural sectors. The BBC produces a series of radio programs on how to run business, helping large farms with commercial restructuring. There is the Foreign Office’s Schoolarship program under which Ukrainian students go to Britain every year. John Hughes was one of many British entrepreneurs who came to invest in the Russian Empire in the last century. He is the founder of Donetsk, great industrial city that was formerly called Yusovka after Hughes. Donetsk football star, Andrei Kancheiskiy is now as popular in Britain, as in Ukraine. There are a lot of things to do in the commercial sphere. Trade between the United Kingdom and Ukraine has risen. A new joint venture, British-Ukrainian Shipbuilders has been recently opened. It will benefit the shipbuilding industries of both countries.


Active Words and Word Combinations:

to support – підримувати

agriculture – сільське господарство

restructuring – перебудова

entrepreneur – інвестор

trade – торгівля

benefit – прибуток, користь

joint venture – спільне підприємство


1. “How old” are British-Ukrainian relationships?

2. Who is Volodymyr Monomach? What relation is he to England?

3.How does Great Britain support Ukrainian projects?

4. Are there any programs for exchange students?

5. Who is John Hughes?

6. Who is Andrei Kancheiskiy? Why is he as popular in Britain as in Ukraine?

7. What British-Ukrainian joint venture has been recently opened?



Teacher ________________I.S.Kokovihinа



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Teacher ________________I.S.Kokovihinа | Relations between Ukraine and english-speaking countries

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