Ray gives advice what food to prepare for a childrens party. Read the new words with their explanations.  

ripple ice-cream - a block of ice-cream with wavy lines of a fruit sauce running through it so that the sauce looks like ripples on water.

icing - sugar mixture, made by adding the white of an egg to fine icing- sugar, used to decorate cakes.

blancmange - flavoured milk pudding, eaten cold.

wouldnt go for - wouldnt choose.

palate- here, sense of taste.

pastry cases - shapes made with pastry.



Decide which of the following is true and which is false, according to the tape.

1. Ray doesnt recommend coloured ice-creams.

2. Ray would put jelly with sponge cake.

3. He suggests cutting the cake into small pieces.

4. He thinks sandwiches would be useful.

5. Isabel has already decided what to put in the sandwiches.

6. Ray thinks children would like salami.

7. Chicken would be too strong for children.

8. Ray is the first to mention egg sandwiches.

9. Making a cake would be no trouble.

10. Pastry cases would be useful to put the cake pieces into.



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