I. Find the word or phrase opposite in the meaning to each of the words and phrases in italics. They are all taken from the tape.

1. very, very simple

2. small individual jellies

3. differences in colour

4. you could buy

5. a lot of work

6. a good idea

7. chicken is rather nice

II. Listen to the tape again and fill in the blanks below.

You can, ....., make certain things .. which would be very, very ...... to do. You could make very small . jellies, different . jellies; you could . some ripple or a . of coloured ice-creams and put small of ice-cream with the ., but again emphasis being on . of .



You are going to entertain four very old people / small children and want to give them supper. Make a list of food suitable for old people to eat in the evening.





Make a class survey and then report about the following things.

Use these phrases:

Do you mind if I ask you some questions?

How about answering ....?

Excuse me, Id like to know....

I was wondering whether.......

the time you have lunch and dinner

a typical lunch or dinner lasts

eat bread with your main meal

eat melon, pasta, fish, steak

put butter on your bread

drink tea in the afternoon

drink tea with your dinner

like pasta

eat spaghetti with garlic and tomato sauce when you go out on a romantic date

eat something for breakfast

eat something hot for breakfast

eat soup in summer

eat salad in winter

peel an apple before you eat it

peel vegetables before you cook them

like meat

eat meat every day

like eating in front of the television

usually eat with the rest of the family

smoke at the dinner table

mind if someone else smokes at the dinner table


Exercise 1

Put each of the following words into its correct space in the passage below.

afternoon breakfast continental morning meals syrup second supper
bacon chocolate English lunch menu rolls juice  


Most people eat three .. a day breakfast, . and dinner. Some eat a fourth meal, ...... , late at night. ... tradition provides an extra light meal served in the late .. . Its basic .... usually includes tea and special tea cakes or cucumber sandwiches.

Meals vary in different countries. ... in the United States may include fruit or fruit ......, coffee, toast, and a choice of cereal or ... and eggs. Many people like pancakes with maple ..... for breakfast. .... Europeans sometimes have an early breakfast of .... and coffee or hot ..., and eat a .... breakfast later on in the .. .



What foods do you eat when you are tired? at a celebration? at home? on a picnic? at a fast-food restaurant? at an expensive restaurant? Fill in the chart.

Occasion Foods You Eat
At work  
At formal party  
On your birthday  
In hot weather  
In cold weather  
When you receive foreign guests  
When you are as hungry as a hunter  
When you are having barbecue  


&Reading Read the title of the text. Then make a list of five different drinks and the reasons we have them.


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