Work with a partner. Look at the menu and discuss what you want to eat. One person is a waiter or waitress, and another one is a customer. Have a conversation. Dont forget to include:

1. finding out and telling the specialities(what they are and how much they cost);

2. asking and answering questions about foods on the menu;

3. getting the check.

Use some of the expressions from the following list.

Ordering food in a restaurant

Below are phrases you can use when ordering food in a restaurant.

Waiter Customer
May I take your order? What do you recommend?
What would you like? What is the speciality today?
What do you want? What exactly is that?
I suggest To start / as a starter
I recommend How much is that?
Would you likewith that? Whats the soup of the day?
Its a local dish. To follow / as a main course
Its very spicy. Ill have / Id like
Its made of For dessert
How is everything here? Thats not what I ordered.
May I take your plate? Can you change it?
Would you like coffee or dessert? May I have the check, please?



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