Answer the questions:

1. Why isnt Jia making shrimp egg rolls?

2. Why isnt Diego making his dish with pork?

3. What is Sun-su bringing?

4. What ingredient does Marta need to get?

5. Who isnt going to have any trouble finding ingredients? Why?


Ø1. Work in groups of three. Make up a dialogue inviting your groupmates to participate in the barbecue.

2. Work with three other students. Describe the dishes your families eat on special occasions and say how they are prepared. Encourage everyone to join the conversation.

Exercise 5

Read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space. There is an example at the beginning (0)

Korean Dining

Eating out is (0) one of the greatest pleasures for people visiting Korea, a country (1) for its wide range of native dishes. Korean cuisine will provide unique tastes (2) the visitor. Of course there are (3) a great deal of American, Continental, Chinese and Japanese restaurants. However, Korean food is definitely not to (4) missed out on. It is not only rich in nutrition, (5) also well-balanced and low in calories. It is (6) that you can eat as much Korean food (7) you like and never gain weight. It (8) mainly made of a wide variety of vegetables. Seasonings include garlic, red peppers, ginger (9) sesame oil. Traditionally, Korean food (10) not served in courses. Instead, it is all placed on the table (11) the same time. There is no set order in (12) to eat the food; it (13) on personal preference. The main dish is almost always accompanied (14) rice, soup and several side dishes, which are all, included in the price. Korean eat (15) rice and soup with a spoon, and side dishes with chopsticks.



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