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Text 5. Constitutional Law

I. Read, translate and retell the following text.

Constitutional law governs the operation of national states. The basic rules of government are set out in constitutions. Constitutions both determine and delimit the powers of governing bodies.

The constitutions of Western states are based on the theory of individual rights, such as religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom to possess property, freedom not to be punished unfairly and so on. The primary aim of governments is to protect individual rights.

In order to govern the state effectively, the functions of governments are divided into legislative, executive, and judicial.


II. Questions to be answered.

1. What is the function of constitutional law?

2. What documents contain the basic rules of governing the operation of national states?

3. What theory plays an important role in the constitutions of Western states?

4. What is the primary aim of governments?

5. What are the 3 branches of government?



Text 6. Administrative Law

I. Read, translate and retell the text.

Administrative law is the body of law that governs the creation and functioning of administrative agencies. The powers and duties of administrative agencies are implemented by rules, regulations, orders and decisions.

Administrative agencies combine the 3 functions of government: the legislative, the executive and the judicial. That makes their functioning most efficient.

Administrative law is one more source of laws, alongside with constitutions, legislatures and judicial decisions.


II. Questions to be answered.

1. What is the purpose of administrative law?

2. How are the powers of administrative agencies implemented?

3. What 3 functions of government do administrative agencies combine?

4. Can administrative law be considered as an additional source of laws?

Lesson 3. Crime and Punishment.

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