Text 2. The Causes of Crime

I. Read and translate the text.

There are several theories of the causes of crime: the religious theory, the biological theory, the theory of social environment and the modern theory.

The religious theory is the oldest. According to this theory, it is the devil that makes people commit crimes.

Next comes the biological theory. According to this theory, criminals are born and can be recognised by appearance (a retreating forehead, a square chin, rough facial features, the ears that stick out, long hands and muscular body and even left-handedness).

The theory of social environment stresses social reasons for crime, such as poverty and insecurity.

The modern theory explains crime by a number of factors - biological, psychological, cultural, economic and political. It is the most comprehensive theory nowadays.

II. Questions to be answered.

1. What are the most popular theories of the causes of crime?

2. Which of the theories is the oldest?

3. How does the religious theory explain crime?

4. How is crime explained by the biological theory?

5. How can a criminal be recognised according to the biological theory?

6. What are the main causes of crime according to the social environment

7. What is characteristic of the modern theory of crime?

8. Which of the theories seems to be the most convincing nowadays? Why?



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