Answer the following questions about the text.

a Which developments led to the modern computers?
b Which countries contributed to the space exploration?
c What does quantum theory deal with?
d Which developments made the creation of the atomic bomb possible?
e What is the scientists opinion about the origin of our universe?

5. Read the text Our Vision and look for the answers to the following questions:

a What advances in energetics will help the mankind to become energy independent?
b How will science contribute to the solution of the most important environmental problems?
c What changes in the worlds economy will be caused by science?
d What advances in medical science will we see in the future?
e How will scientific discoveries improve our everyday life?


  1. A) Choose the correct answer.
  2. A. Listen to James describing his family situation and answer the questions.
  3. A. Match the facts about the UK with the places on the map.
  4. A. Read the additional texts with interesting facts about Canada and discuss this information with your partner.
  5. A. Read the text and decide if the following statements are true or false.
  6. A. Role-play the following situation.
  7. A. Sarah and Ken are having an argument. Read what Sarah says and complete the dialogue with Kens answers from the box below. Then try to guess his last answer.
  8. A. Solve the quiz and check your answers.
  9. A. Study the following.
  10. A. What do you know about Tatarstan? Do the quiz and say which of the data were surprising for you?
  11. A. What do you know about the economy of Canada? Complete this file, use vertical prompts if necessary.
  12. About Health

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Decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F) in relation to the information in the text. If you think a statement is false, change it to make it true. | Our Vision

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