A. What do you know about Tatarstan? Do the quiz and say which of the data were surprising for you?

1) Tatarstan is situated approximately 800 km of Moscow.

a) east

b) west

c) north

2) Islam was established as a state religion in .

a) 1552

b) 922

c) 1147

3) During the years of the World War II, Boris Pasternak used to live in .

a) Naberezhniye Chelny

b) Chistopol

c) Bavly

4) Kazan was captured by the troops of Emel'yan Pugachev in .

a) 1774

b) 1147

c) 1552

5) The second largest town of Tatarstan is .

a) Bugulma

b) Chelny

c) Nizhnekamsk

6) On Mintimer Shaimiyev was elected the first President of the Republic of Tatarstan.

a) 25th March, 1990

b) 25th March, 2005

c) 12th June, 1991

7) There are about small lakes in the Republic.

a) 8,000

b) 4,500

c) 1,000

8) The Constitution of the Republic of Tatarstan was adopted on .

a) September 5, 1991

b) November 6, 1992

c) June 12, 1990



A. Read and translate the text.


Tatarstan is one of the most industrialized republics of the Russian Federation in terms of population and economic potential. The process of inhabiting the territory of the republic began at the time of the early Palaeolithic age (about 100,000 years ago). In the 8th 9th centuries, the tribes of ancient Bulgars, ancestors of the modern Tatars, began to populate the Volga Region. The first state the Volga-Kama Bulgaria was set up at the end of the 9th - beginning of the 10th centuries. In the 13th century this territory became a part of powerful Zolotaya Orda (Golden Hord) State. The collapse of the Golden Hord in the 30-40s of the 14th century resulted in the formation of new states including the Kazan Khanate. Kazan became the capital of this state. The Kazan Khanate ceased its existence in October 1552, when troops of Ivan the Terrible (Ivan IV) conquered Kazan. As the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic it was established on 27th May, 1920 on the territory of the former Kazan Province. Seventy years later, on 30th August, 1990 the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Republic was signed.

Geographical position

The Republic of Tatarstan is located in the center of the East-European Plain where Europe meets Asia and two large rivers - the Volga and the Kama carry their joint waters to the Caspian Sea. The Republic of Tatarstan covers the territory of 67,800 sq.km and stretches for 290 km from North to South and for 460 km from West to East. Climate in the Republic is moderate-continental with warm, sometimes hot summers and moderate cold winters.


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