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Diverging lens image formation

Diverging lenses create virtual images since the refracted rays do not actually converge to a point. In the case of a diverging lens, the image location is located on the object's side of the lens where the refracted rays would intersect if extended backwards. Every observer would be sighting along a line in the direction of this image location in order to see the image of the object. As the observer sights along this line of sight, a refracted ray would come to the observer's eye. This refracted ray originates at the object, and refracts through the lens. The diagram below shows several incident rays emanating from an object - a light bulb. Three of these incident rays correspond to our three strategic and predictable light rays. Each incident ray will refract through the lens and be detected by a different observer (represented by the eyes). The location where the refracted rays are intersecting is the image location. Since refracted light rays do not actually exist at the image location, the image is said to be a virtual image. It would only appear to an observer as though light were coming from this location to the observer's eye.





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Converging Lens Image Formation | Images of objects that do not occupy a single point

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