B) Argue the pros and cons of: 1. Tutorial system. 2. Students' uniform. 3. Residential colleges.

XI. Describe the pictures on p. 183:

XII. Try your hand at teaching:

A. Preparation.Get ready for a talk on one of the following topics:

1. Higher education in Russia.

2. Higher education in Great Britain.

3. Oxford University.

4. Cambridge University.

5. Teacher training in Great Britain and in Russia.

B. Work in Class. Listen to the students' talk and say a few words about the construction of each talk: its beginning, development, conclusion, and the general balance of these parts.

Speak on what you think may surprise a Russian student at an English University (Oxford, Cambridge): a) programme, b) teaching methods, c) students' extra-curricular activities.

Prompts: I think (suppose, guess, believe, dare say)...; Well, my opinion is that...; My view is that...; True, but...; You may be right... but all the same...; I wouldn't say that; But on the other hand.

XIII. Read the text. Comment on its content:

Students in Tents

Three small tents two blue and one khaki are pitched among trees on a hill above Sussex University campus. This weekend they are 'home' to three students who cannot find a bed in the neighbouring town of Brighton.

They are an apt symbol of an accommodation crisis that is affecting thousands of students throughout the country. Tonight 80 other Sussex students will bed down on mattresses on the floor of the university senate chamber. It will be the sixth and probably final night of a'protest occupation!

In every major city there are students on camp beds in nooks and crannies and others 'crashing' on the floors of friends' flats.

The National Union of Students describes it as the worst ever student accommodation crisis! The indications are that it is a foretaste of a massive problem.

Unless something radical is done, the concept of a student having the right to go away to university may soon be dead. (See: Ttofi C., Creed T. S. English in Mind. Lnd., 1982)

XIV. Speak on:

1. Your intentions as to your teaching career.

2. What you are going to do to become a highly-qualified specialist.

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