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6. Identify the sentence with the highest degree of certainty for each situation:

1. These goods are produced in Great Britain.

a) Can they manufacture such goods?

b) They might have begun to produce such goods.

c) They couldn’t have produced such goods.



2. The living standard of population has fallen this year.

a) You must have the wrong data.

b) You might not have the right data.

c) You may have the wrong data.


3. He thinks the oil will be processed into fuel.

a) Yes, it can be produced.

b) Yes, it could be produced.

c) Yes, it might be produced.


4. The machinery is out of order.

a) It might have broken.

b) It may have broken.

c) It could have broken.


5. He has to earn his living.

a) He can be short of money.

b) He may be short of money.

c) He must be short of money.


7. Choose the right variant to rephrase the following sentences using appropriate modal verbs:


1. It’s hard to believe that they are developing a new technology to use less oil.

a) They couldn’t be developing it.

b) They might not be developing it.

c) They must be developing it.


2. It’s our duty to raise labour efficiency.

a) We must raise it.

b) We can raise it.

c) We might raise it.


3. Perhaps, the company was dissolved.

a) It must have been dissolved.

b) It might be dissolved.

c) It may have been dissolved.


4. Evidently, the bank didn’t lend any money.

a) The bank can’t have lent any money.

b) The bank might not have lent it.

c) The bank must have failed to lent it.


5. I’m almost sure that the two companies are competing in the market.

a) They might be competing.

b) They must be competing.

c) Could they be competing?


6. I greatly doubt it that Brazil should have made great progress in the development of its light manufacturing industry.

a) Can Brazil have made it?

b) Could Brazil be making it?

Brazil could not have made it.



8. The sentences below contain mistakes. Find and correct them:


1. Russia has improved conditions of scientists’ work. – Surely, there must be great progress in science next year.

2. The government must not have provided subsidies for farmers last year.

3. I feel so worn out. – I’m sure, you might have been working hard.

4. As far as I know, the processing of agricultural products has increased recently. – They could not increase it. They don’t even have modern machinery.

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