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Progress Test 4: (Unit 4, Lessons 1- 4)

1. Find ten pairs of synonyms among the following words and make up five sentences of your own:

Myopic, commodities, production, long-term, perspective, consumption, benefit, peril, impact, prosper, flaw, virtue, danger, short-sighted, mistake, thrive, influence, goods, foster, encourage.


2. Complete the sentences with one word for each gap:

(capacity, to process, sustained, output, benchmark, performance, boost, surplus, recycle, to evolve)


1. As technologies and materials ________ there is room for improvement and cause for optimism.

2. The works is operating at its full _____________.

3. It may take a fortnight to __________ this information.

4. Increase in company’s _________ by 13 % is an encouraging result.

5. The effect of these policies would be to encourage spending and ______ the economy.

6. The board accepted that the growth rates could not be _______ indefinitely.

7. Waste is separated into four different bins in order to _________ it.

8. The Fund's past __________ does not necessarily indicate how it will perform in the future.

9. Apple's iconic iPhone became the ________ in the market.

10. The savings will create a _______ of a little more than $24 million.


3. Fill in the appropriate prepositions:

(for, at, to, by, in (2), on)


1. Britain has made an especially big bet _____ its ability to thrive as a knowledge-based economy.

2. The City of London invests heavily _____ computer software.

3. This firm deals _____ luxury goods.

4. High fees are charged _______ landfill disposal in dense urban areas.

5. The European Parliament voted to increase recycling rates _____ 2020 ____ 50% of municipal waste.

6. Adoption of zero-waste targets forces people to look ____ the entire life-cycle of a product.


4. Find six pairs of antonyms and make up three sentences of your own:

Revenues, intensive, mediocre, mainspring, dismantle, far-sighted, expenses, myopic, construct, brake, excellent, extensive.


5. Choose the correct variant:


1) This newly-established company is commitment/committed to manufacture/ manufacturing high-quality products. 2) The brand-new equipment sells well despite tough competitiveness/competition. 3. A good many firms have heavily invested in/on the project. 4. Kindly book the tickets for the concert by/in advance. 5. I will keep you informed, I promise. Don’t worry on that score/by that score. 6. They both speak excellent/excellence English. 7. Exports to the USA accounted for/of 30% of our total exports. 8. The manager tried to be reasonable/reasonably even though he had worked long hours. 9. Within engineering sector, transport equipment is the largest contribution/contributor, with 8 global car manufacturing/manufacturers being present in the UK.

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