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B. Express your personal point of view regarding the challenges that are in store for us in terms of preserving the environment and saving the humankind in the near future.

How can different innovative technologies be helpful in this respect? Are they really vital? Or can they be ignored? Make different suggestions and prove your ideas.

VI. Speaking: “Earth’s Day”.


First celebrated in 1970, it caused a surge in public concern which led to many improvements. Ordinary people talk to each other across political boundaries through non-governmental organisations.

Prepare a speech “Earth’s Day and me”. Find yourself with three roles: consumer, producer and participator. You may find the following ideas useful:

· Political change or new legislation generally comes in response to public demand;

· Assessment of new technologies, the claims of industry and politicians through education;

· Enthusiasm for local self-help: your own contribution to positive change through sympathetic action, letter writing and financial support;

· “Green consumer” movement and environmentally – friendly products;

· The 4Rs: refuse, reuse, repair and recycle;

· Votes for Green parties may lead to a shift in the political agenda;

· Great world religions support the concept of “enough” rather than ever-growing consumption and wealth.


VII. Write a composition about the possible advances in science and technology and their likely impact on mankind. Make use of the words and phrases below:


Smart systems, innovative technologies, materials and products, breakthroughs, closed-loop cycles, recycling, alternative energy sources, efficiency, energy-intensive processes, man’ s destructive activity, natural disasters, knowledge-based economies.

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D. Grammar Expansion: Suppositional meaning: Can, Could | Progress Test 4: (Unit 4, Lessons 1- 4)

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