A. How would you personally start job hunting? Use the phrases in the box to help you.




e.g.I think its time to start by askingmy friend to help me.

May be I should begin by visiting an employment agency.

Why dont Ilook through a Job Advertisements Section in a newspaper to find the most suitable position?


A. What do you remember about your first day at school or university? Describe your feelings and behavior (mind using Past Tenses).

B. Here are some dos and donts about how to behave in a new job. Can you tell which are which?

Smile and be friendly Learn all the office gossip Compare the new job with your old one Introduce yourself to everyone Learn the names of your colleagues Refuse offers to help Leave on time, you arent paid to stay on Volunteer for projects
Wear casual clothes, its more relaxed Arrive at work on time Stick to your lunch hour, its part of the contract Ask questions Stick to deadlines  


  1. A. When you start a conversation try to reply in a way that develops the conversation. Match the question with an appropriate reply.
  2. And write your own sentences with the same words and phrases.
  3. B) Give a short description of some other disease using a few phrases from the text above.
  4. B) Persuade your partner to start practising sport immediately.
  5. B. Describe the pictures. Use the suggested phrases.
  6. B. Match the definitions with the italicized words and phrases from the text.
  7. B. Now try to go around a class, greet and start a conversation.
  8. Been solved and in the future it would be possible via satellite and cable TV to use more channels on a TV set at every home in the world.
  9. C Complete this extract from a company report with appropriate words or phrases from the box in Exercise B.
  10. Complete each sentence with one of the words or phrases below.
  11. Complete part (c) of each sentence in a suitable way, starting with a verb.

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B. Read the following tips for finding a job and discuss which ones you agree or dont agree with. Why? | C. Before you read the article, match the following words with their definitions.

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