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B. Put the verb into the most suitable form with future meaning, Present progressive or Present simple.

1) We (to have) a corporate party next Saturday. Would you like to come?

2) I (not to go) away for my holidays next month because I haven’t got enough money. They haven’t paid me holiday pay yet. (You/to go) away?

3) Our first job interview this afternoon (to start) exactly at 3:30.

4) George, is it true that you (to work) overtime next week?

5) My seasonal work (to start) May, 25 and (to end) October, 25.

6) What time the (next shift/to end)?

7) Ann, we (to go) to town. (You/to come) with us?

8) Don’t make any plans I (to surf) the Net tonight.

9) Our after-hours activities usually (to start) after 8 p.m.

10) I (to look for) a position of a banker.

C. Put the words into the correct order paying attention to the usage of tenses denoting future actions.

1) Doing/I/ course paper/am/ with/ in the evening/ my father.

2) Company /in our /seasonal overtime/ /starts/ May, 1.

3) Going/a new /vacancy/I am/to find/ my sister-in law/for.

4) You/to place/where/going/your/are/new/ job advertisement?

5) Arrive/your employer/does/when?

6) Colleagues/ for Madrid/are/my/in the next few days/leaving.

7) Become/next year/will/I/a good specialist.

8) With/Playing/our partners/volleyball match/are/tonight/we.

9) Is/to do/ironing/nobody/the/going.

10) Having/friends/we/for dinner/are /tonight.

D. Open the brackets paying attention to the usage of tenses denoting future actions (negative/question/affirmative forms).

1) The meeting (to start) at 10 o’clock.

2) We (to discuss) our project on Monday.

3) The employer (to plan) a series of interview with the applicants.

4) What you (to do)? I (to surf) the net.

5) We (to supply) you with all necessary equipment tomorrow.

6) The train (not to arrive) at 6 p.m. It goes behind the schedule.

7) Your working hours (start) at 8 a.m. and (to end) at 5 p.m. Please, be punctual, tomorrow (to be) your fist time at work.

8) (to go) anywhere this week? No, fortunately I haven’t got any business trips.

9) You (not to sell) your car, right? It is new!

10) He (to join) us later, don’t worry.


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