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Ask your friend the following questions, present the results to the whole group.

• who persuaded him/her to enter NUWMNRU.

• what he/she knew about the university while at school.

• whether he/she felt disappointed after entering the University.

• how he/she sees himself/herself in five years’ time.

• what he/she considers the most important factors that make a good University.


4. Translate the following words and word-combinations:

as for me/her/him; to study at; I’m/he is/she is a first-year student; dean; dean’s office; subdean/assistant dean; full-time department; refectory; tutor; academic building; to occupy; to be located; to be founded; to train; graduates; the students specialize in; laboratories; tuition fee; campus; It takes me/ him/her … to do … .

5. Interview Maksym in English. Find out what he knows about the faculty he studies at:

– На якому факультеті ти навчаєшся?

– Коли був заснований факультет прикладної математики та комп’ютерно-інтегрованих систем?

– Яких спеціалістів готує факультет?

– Які ступені отримують випускники?

– В якому корпусі знаходиться деканат факультету прикладної математики та комп’ютерно-інтегрованих систем?

– Хто ваш декан?

– Чи є заступники декана? Хто вони?

– Хто ваш куратор?

– Чи допомагає він вам адаптуватися до нових умов?

– Яка плата за навчання?

– Де живуть студенти?

– Чи далеко гуртожиток від навчальних корпусів?

– Скільки часу ви витрачаєте на дорогу?

– Скільки часу ви витрачаєте на підготовку до занять?

– Чи є в гуртожитку їдальня/читальний зал/кімната відпочинку?

– Чи подобається вам вчитися на факультеті?


Summarize Maksym’s answers. Use the words and word-combinations from Ex. 3.

Compare undergraduate academics at MIT and NUWMNRU. What is common and what is different between them? Give your reasons. Use expressions relating to the communication of opinions (Ex. 1).


Compare campuses at MIT and NUWMNRU. What is common and what is different between them? Give your reasons. Use expressions relating to the communication of opinions (Ex. 1).

You have read that most of the science and engineering classes follow a standard pattern at MIT. What about your classes? Do they differ? Give reasons.

You have read Mike’s letter. Have you got any questions? Send email. What questions would you ask?

11. Prove that:

a) NUWMNRU is one of rather old and prestige research centres in Ukraine.

b)MIT ranks among the best universities in the world. It is a leader in science and technology, as well as in many other fields.

Use the following words and phrases: I think that...; Frankly speaking...; I'd like to call your attention to...; This is my point of view...; I'm sure that ….

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