Answer the following questions

1. Was Scarlett beautiful? 2. Did men realize that they were caught by her charms? 3. What features were sharply blended in her face? Was her face arresting? What were the characteristic features of her face? 4. What colour were her eyes? 5. Were her lashes straight or slightly tilted at the ends? 6. Were her brows straight? 7. Why did Southern women prize their skin? Did they carefully guard their skin with bonnets, mittens and veils? 8. Where did young people sit? 9. Whose plantation was Tara? 10. What was Scarletts dress made of? Did Scarletts dress match her flat-heeled slippers? What were her slippers made of? Did the dress set to perfection her thin waist? 11. Was Scarlett well-matured for her sixteen years? 12. Was her true self concealed? Were her skirts spread with modesty? 13. What can you say about Scarletts hair? 14. Describe Scarletts eyes. Were they modest? Were her eyes in harmony with her decorous demeanor? 15. Who imposed manners upon her? 16. Who lounged easily in the chairs on the either side of her? Why did they squint? Were their legs crossed negligently? How old were the twins? What colour was their hair? What can you say about their eyes? What were they dressed in? Were they alike? 17. How old was Helen? Was she a middle-aged woman? Was she higher than her husband? 18. How did she move? Did her height attract peoples attention to itself? 19. What complexion did she have? 20. Why was her neck slightly tilted backwards? How was her hair done? Who did she inherit her slanting eyes from? Were her eyes shadowed by inky lashes? 21. What did she inherit from her father? Who was her father? What was her square-cut jaw softened by? 22. Did her face acquire the look of pride? Was there any haughtiness in her face? Was there any glow in her eyes? 23. What can you say about her voice? Was her voice slurring? Did she have any bare trace of French accent? Did she ever raise her voice in command or reproof? Was she instantly obeyed at Tara? 24. Whose roaring voice was disregarded at Tara? 25. Who had made no attempt to join the circle about Scarlett or to talk to her since their first greeting? Had he come forward to welcome her when she came into back garden? Was he alone? 26. Was Melanie solidly built? What appearance did she give? What about her eyes? 27. How was her hair done? Did it accentuate the heart shape of her face? Were her cheek bones wide-apart? Was her chin round or pointed? Was her face attractive or plain? Did Melanie have any feminine tricks of allure to make observers forget the plainness of her face? Why did Melanie look far older than her seventeen years? 28. What did her gray organdie dress disguise with its billows and ruffles? 29. How does the author describe Melanies eyes? 30. Why did Scarlett think she would scream? Did she stand still or tap her foot to the music? Why did man, newly come and standing in the doorway, grin to himself as he saw Scarletts eyes? 31. What was dressed in? Was he tall? Was he bulky in the shoulders or in the waist? Were his feet small or large? Why was his severe black suit at variance with his physique and face? What colour was his hair? Did he have a drooping moustache? 32. How did he look? What air did he have? What was there in his bold eyes as he stared at Scarlett? 33. Did Scarlett recall who he was? Why did she throw him a gay smile? Why did her hand go to her mouth in horror as he straightened and started toward her with a peculiarly lithe Indian-like gait? 34. Why was not Melanie well? Was she thin? How did she look? 35. Was her face pale or swarthy? What does the author compare her silky brows to? 36. What made her eyes appear enormous? Had the expression in them altered since the days of her unworried girlhood? 37. What did Scarlett think of her eyes? What were Scarletts eyes like? What was it Rhett had said once about Melanie's eyes?



  1. A. Read the text and decide if the following statements are true or false.
  2. Answer the following questions.
  3. Answer the questions to the dialogue.
  4. Answer the questions.
  5. Answer the questions.
  6. Answer the questions.
  7. Answer the questions.
  8. Answer the questions. Don't forget how to use the Past Simple Tense.
  9. Answer the questions:
  10. Arrange the following units into two lexical and two terminological sets. I Give them corresponding names.
  11. Ask ten questions to the text so that the answers became the retelling of the text.

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