Ask your friend questions in English about their content. Summarize his/her answers.

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4. Do you agree with your friends answers? Give your reasons:

As far as I know;

I must confess;

Well it seems;

In my opinion;

I think;

I wonder;

The point is;

The fact is;

If Im not mistaken.


Solve the problems connected with town planning.

Say: - To reduce it is necessary to .


There is a risk of extreme weather floods and storm surges.

People with different abilities, criminality.

The density of an urban environment increases traffic and consequently pollution.

Urban canyon effect.

Sound pollution.

Light pollution.

Ways of solving:

To develop the full cutoff fixture.

To install security lighting.

To mitigate emergencies with secure emergency evacuation routes and emergency operations centers.

To practice the notion of inclusive design.

To make more individual space and better, more beautiful design.

To make the affected regions into parkland or green belt.

To manage properly the density of an urban environment.

To construct large parking garages.

To use transit oriented development.


Give a short summary of the text.

VI. Listening Comprehension

1. Translate the following words and word-combinations into Ukrainian:

forethought, layout, to conclude, deliberately, to pave, angle, grid, hierarchy, water well, ritual, consolidated, convenience, rectilinear, to wrap, sewage disposal, to intersect, to fit, insula, eventually, to crisscross, gateway, watchtower, portcullis, siege.

2. Mask the text From the History of Urban Planning and listen to it attentively:


  1. About Lycra Fabric
  2. About My Family
  3. About myself
  4. About Myself
  5. An Extract from the Late Middle English works criticizing the Church
  6. Answer the following questions
  7. Answer the following questions.
  8. Answer the questions to the dialogue.
  9. Answer the questions.
  10. Answer the questions.
  11. Answer the questions.
  12. Answer the questions.

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