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Progress Test 2. (Unit 2. Lessons 1-4).

1. Find ten pairs of synonyms among the following words and make up five sentences of your own:

Assessment, hire, expenses, lucrative, salary, evaluation, wage, lack, decline, cost, fruitful, employ, drop, scarcity, rent, attribute, trait, recruit, lend, give.


2. Complete the sentences with one word for each gap:

(recruits, equity, graduate, career, lucrative, borrow, insured, flexible)


1. Teaching can become a career choice for top ________ without paying a fortune.

2. Companies want _________ with skills that formal education does not necessary bring.

3. Firms have to give serious consideration to employees with children under six, who request __________ working hours.

4. Boys and girls study different subjects at school, and subjects for boys lead to more ______________ careers.

5. You should continue learning throughout your professional ______.

6. The _______ in your home can be a cheap source of cash.

7. Find out how much you can afford to _______ before you decide to buy a house.

8. We hadn't _______ the bicycles against theft.


3. Fill in the appropriate prepositions:

(on (2), up, in, for, to)


1. Much better to spend the money _______ a mortgage, and by doing so build up equity.

2. Often, though, they can not do this in their current jobs, but must move ______ a lower-paid, lower-skilled job.

3. Rising divorce rates mean that women are having to rely _______ women’s earnings, or on the state.

4. Girls were often allowed to give _______ mathematics and science without any warning about consequences for their future earnings.

5. Average hourly pay ______ a woman at the start of her working life is only 91 % of a man’s.

6. Employers are becoming less interested _______ educational qualification of graduates.

4. Find six pairs of antonyms and make up three sentences of your own:


Mortgage, employer, hire, rent, lag behind, fire, wholesaler, outstrip, employee, retailer, save, spend.

Grammar: Choose the correct verb form in Active or Passive

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