Progress Test 1. (Unit 1. Lessons 1-4).

1. Find ten pairs of synonyms among the following words and make up five sentences of your own:

Degree, competitor, advantage, need, hope for the future, issue, level, content, opportunity, policy, expectation, stuff, rival, problem, plus, possibility, demand, plan of action, run, manage.


2. Complete the sentences with one word for each gap:

(affect, asset, claim, abandon, household, hire, legislation, benefits, celebrities, account for).

1) Britains fast growing ranks of ____________________ - like David Beckham form a kind of parallel aristocracy open to talent.

2) Around four in five of all English state schools allow their pupils to ___________

Languages at fourteen.

3) There is also ____________ to create binding targets for carbon emissions.

4) The quality of teachers _____________ pupils performance more than anything else.

5) Our customer service team is our most important ________.

6) The vacuum cleaner is the leading brand in the market and a _________ name.

7) The self employed may ______ income tax relief as an allowance in their income tax assessment.

8) Increased business means that the company will need to ______15 new sales staff.

9) The industry is reaping the ________ of an increase in consumer confidence.

10) High-tech companies _________ 32% of the total value of the payrolls in the area.


3. Fill in the appropriate prepositions: (to (2), on (2), at, for).


1) The newly-appointed government had to impose limits _____ immigration.

2) Foreign-born holders of British passports, EU residents account _____ two-thirds of newcomers.

3) The bills are aimed _____ doing something to help teenagers who are out of schools but not in work.

4) Pupils who are keen _____ foreign languages often drop them since schools dont schedule them as obligatory subjects.

5) Britons are surprisingly alert ____ class and still think that class is sticky.

6) If class no longer describes a clear social, economic or even political status, is it worth paying any attention ____ ?

4. Find six pairs of antonyms and make up three sentences of your own:

Manual, blue-collar, demand, extend, mental, obligatory, white-collar, legislative, optional, supply, shrink, executive.

5. Grammar: Complete the text with the correct grammar tense of the predicate:

The increasing ethnic diversity of British society _______(to mean ) it _____(to be) difficult to define nowadays what _______(to make) someone British. Tony Blair, Ex-Prime Minister, says that "blood alone" _______ ( not define) national identity and that modern Britain _______ (to be shaped) by a "rich mix of all different ethnic and religious origins". These views ______ (to be reflected ) by the Queen, who _______ (to talk) about "our richly multicultural and multi faith society" in her jubilee speech to Parliament.

The British people should have an opportunity to express their personal views on what they ______ (to be) about. At present we often _____ and ______ (to hear, to read) a lot about the irrelevancy of national identity by so called enlightened intellectuals but when an ordinary person _________ (to spend) over forty years of his working life in America and whose final wish______ (to be) to be buried in the place of his birth We realize one of the most important influences in the majority of people ________ (to be) the feeling of belonging and having a national identity.

All countries _________ (to have) reason to be loved and cherished by their nationals whether they _________ (to be born ) there or adopted and thats why everybody _____ (to have) its own vision to adhere a point of view what it _______ (to mean) for him or her to be British.



6. Insert the correct articles (the indefinite article, the definite article or no article):


  1. Assess your progress in Module 1. Give marks for yourself. Compare them with the marks of your teacher
  2. B. Put the verb into the most suitable form with future meaning, Present progressive or Present simple.
  3. C. Choose the best alternative between Past Simple or Past Progressive.
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