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Study the vocabulary at the end of the book and underline the correct item.

1. If you don't want someone to burgle/stealyour house, youshould keep the doors and windows locked.

2. He keeps his bicycle securely chained so that no one will steal/robit.

3. Two men attempted to burgle/robthe local bank, but the police arrived before they got away.

4. Instead of fining the man, the judge sent him to prison because he was a repeat offender/convict.

5. That terrorist is one of the world's most wanted criminals/suspects.

6. The offender/suspectwas set free because there was no evidence to prove that he was guilty,

7. The suspect/convicthad been in prison for twenty years when he died.

3. Fill in the missing word(s).

1. The arsonist had set fire to six homes before he was finally caught and s…. to fifteen years in prison.

2."If you want me to keep my mouth shut, it'll cost you £5,000," he whispered. "Don't try to b…. me!" she said.

3.Secret service agents quickly disarmed the men who had tried to a….. the coun­try's leader.

4. With dynamite strapped to his chest, he h…. the plane and ordered that it fly to his country.

5. The young boy tried to p.. …..the old man's p…. but the security guard saw what he was doing.

6. The shop detective caught him s… and held him until the police arrived.

7.The museum was v….by a gang of young boys who covered the walls with graffiti.

4. Match the definitions below:

drug smuggling, hijacking, pickpocketing, shop-lifting, kidnapping, mugging, fraud, arson, theft.


a) they broke the window of his car and stole the radio;

b) they sold paintings that they knew weren’t genuine masterpieces;

c) they illegally carried drugs into another country;

d) they held a pistol at the pilot’s head and he had to do what they said;

e) they set fire to the hotel;

f) they took some things off the shelves and left the supermarket without paying for them;

g) they took away the rich man’s son and asked him for a lot of money;

h) they hit the man on the head as he was walking along the street, and stole all his money and credit cards;

i) they took her purse out of her handbag as she was standing on the crowded platform waiting for the train.


Fill in the gaps with the prepositions from the box. Some of these can be used more than once.

before in to of with

1. He’s being kept ... custody.

2. He was sentenced ... five years.

3. She got a sentence ... six months.

4. He was accused ... murder.

5. She’s been charged ... theft.

6. He appeared ... court ... handcuffs.

7. They were brought ... the judge.


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