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Among the Ukrainian medical institutions of higher education that produce specialists for medicine special place belongs to Zhytomyr Protasevych College of Pharmacy.

It was founded in 1938 and in 1988 it was named after Grygoriy Protasevych, a chemist, participant of Great Patriotic War on the occasion of the 50-th anniversary of the school.

More than 800 future pharmacists, laboratory assistants, and sanitary physicians get their training there.

Students are admitted to the school on the basic of their results at the entrance examinations. They study at three departments.


The primary goal of the College of Pharmacy is to produce pharmacists, laboratory assistants, sanitary physicians who will take their place in one of the many facets of the medical practice.

The responsibility of the school is to provide a comprehensive educational experience for all students.

The process is dynamic, undergoing constant evolution in response to the expanding body of medical and pharmaceutical knowledge.

The preparation of a physician or a pharmacist demands acquisition of basic scientific knowledge and clinical skills.

The goals of the school for the education of it's students are achieved through the curriculum.


During the first year attention is focused on the basic compartments of human biology, general chemistry, physics, etc.

The second year students begins the study of human disease, it's diagnosis, prevention and treatment. From the second year the students listen to the lectures and have practical classes in special subjects such as pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy, pharmacology, technology of drugs, etc. The third and the fourth years are devoted to practical experience in each of the clinical and pharmaceutical disciplines. During this period the students of pharmacy study physico-chemical properties of medicinal substances, methods of technology of their preparations. During their practice students are placed at clinics, hospitals, pharmacies. The emphasis throughout last years is on carefully supervised small group of clinical, sanitary, pharmaceutical work.

Students major in biochemistry, genetics, physiology, microbiology, nutrition, pharmacology, etc.


c) Post – reading Stage.

- Make notes about the following items:

1. the Place of College among the Ukrainian medical institutions;

2. the History of College;

3. the Structure of College;

4. Objectives;

5. Curriculum .


- Match adjectives with nouns, according to the text:

1. medical 2. primary 3. laboratory 4. pharmaceutical 5. sanitary 6. medical 7. entrance 8. Patriotic 9. future 10. constant a) physicians b) pharmacists c) war d) exams e) goal f) assistants g) institution h) practice i) evolution j) knowledge


- Write out 10 key words , which express the main idea of the text.

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