1. What is the principal purpose of taxation?

2. What are the principles of taxation?

3. What do the principles of taxation state?

4. How are most taxes classified?

5. What are the features of proportional, progressive and regressive taxes?

6. What is a sales tax?

7. What is a main source of government revenue?

8. What is a tax assessor?

9. What are the criteria of taxation?

10. Why must government have criteria and standards when it comes about taxes?

11. What do people think of taxes?


1. What is a business organization?

2. What is the main purpose of a business organization?

3. What are the major types of business organizations?

4. What is a sole proprietorship?

5. What are the advantages of a sole proprietorship?

6. What are the disadvantages of a sole proprietorship?

7. What is unlimited liability?

8. What is a partnership?

9. What forms of partnerships do you know?

10. What is the difference between a general partnership and limited partnership?

11. What are the advantages of a partnership?

12. What disadvantages do partnerships have?

13. What is a corporation?

14. What is necessary to form a corporation?

15. Who owns a corporation?

16. What are the advantages of corporate form of ownership?

17. What disadvantages do corporations have?


1. What role does the government play in the US economy? What does it provide?

2. What role does international trade play in the US economy?

3. What role does international trade play in the US economy?

4. What sectors can the US economy be divided into?

5. What do the US economy sectors deal with?

6. What are the leading categories of the US manufactured goods?

7. What is the largest sector of the US economy in terms of output and employment?

8. Why are transportation-related businesses considered to be an important part of the service industry?

9. What are the major mineral resources of the USA?

10. What can you say about the country's petroleum production?

11. What can you say about the US agriculture?

12. What makes the USA the world's richest agricultural nation?

13. Why is the USA self-sufficient in agricultural products?

14. What are the most wide-spread branches of animal husbandry?

15. Why is farming a big business in the USA?


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