Unit 12. The Art of Graphic Design

Visual Texture

Artists are aware that we experience texture not only through our sense of touch, but also through our sense of vision. Look at the painting in Figure 112.

The glassware has been painted in a very lifelike fashion. Each facet, or cut design in the glass, looks real enough to touch. Yet, a viewer touching the surface would feel no such facets. The surface instead would feel flat. It would also feel slightly grainy rather than smooth. This is because the work was done on canvas, a coarse material.

Figure 112

This painting makes use of visual texture. We feel the texture with our eyes. Lookback at the realistic street scene in Figure 103. How many different textureshas the artist recorded? Which of these would feel smooth?


Figure 113Thailand. Guardian Figure.

Ex.2. :

1. Do you analyze the use of color and texture in this work? Notice the works title and size.

2. Why might the artist have made the sculpture so large?


Ex.3. .


1.What is texture?

2.Which of our senses experience texture?

3.What are the two kinds of texture used in art?

Ex. 1. :

You live in a world filled with visual art. Artists create the television commercials you see and the packaging of products you use. Some artists create billboards, others posters. There was even an artist who designed the book you are holding.

These artists are known as graphic artists. They are art professionals who work in the field known as graphic design. Graphic designis the field of art that uses pictures and words to instruct or communicate a specific message. Look around your classroom. What graphic design symbols and images do you see?

Graphic artists have been around for as long as there has been written communication. The page from a prayer book shown in Figure 121dates to the late 1300s. It was printed and illustrated by an artist called an illuminator. Professional illuminators were considered craftspeople. The illustrations in early handmade manuscripts were called illuminations.

The name comes from the media used, which often included gold leaf and paint made of crushed gems. These materials made the works glitter with light. Graphic artists today work in many different fields. Each area has its own special tasks and job title. Some of these fields are publishing, illustration, advertising, and Web design. Sometimes graphic artists work together as members of a larger creative team. Most of them use computers to create their designs. What are some other career choices you can identify involving graphic artists?

Figure 121

Ex. 2. .

Ex. 3. :

(Graphic, influenced, on books, multiple copies, digital computer, to combine text)

Like other art fields, graphic design has been by advances in technology. One of these was the invention of the printing press in 1438. This advance made it possible to produce . of printed material at one time. It also gave rise to the branch of art known as page layout. Layout designersare graphic artists who arrange text and illustrations and prepare the material for printing. Some of these designers work , while others work on magazines andnewspapers.

Another more recent invention that has streamlined publishing design is the . It has given rise to desktop publishing. This is the use of a computer and special software and graphics on a page. Computers have allowed designers to do page layout in a fraction of the time it previously took.


Ex.4. , :

1. If I come home late, Ill go to bed at once.

2. If I were a scientist I should invent a time machine.

3. If she goes to the wood, she ll gather many mushrooms.

4. If we had translated the article yesterday, we should have gone to the theatre with you.

5. If I were you , I would buy that ring.

6. If I live in the country, Ill often go in the wood.

7. If I had joined you in fishing you should have caught a lot of fish.

8. If I fall ill, Ill go to the doctor.

9. If I were a composer, I should write beautiful music.

10. If they see their friends, theyll be very glad.


Ex.5. .

Ex.6. , :

1. If you lose my money Ill be very angry

2. If he were at home he would have a very good time.

3. If I had learned my lesson I should have got a good mark.

4. If she had asked us to help her she would have done her homework well.

5.If I find my book Ill be very glad.


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