Higher education

Higher educationcontinues a person's education beyond high school. More than 60 per cent of all high school graduates in the United States receive some type of advanced schooling. The United States has about 3,000 institutions of higher learning. More than half of them are privately owned and operated, and most of these are small liberal arts colleges. Many of the publicly owned institutions of higher learning are large state universities that enroll thousands of students. About four-fifths of all the college and university students in the United States attend public institutions.

Institutions of higher learning include a wide variety of community and junior colleges, technical institutes, colleges, universities, and separate professional schools. Community and junior colleges offer two-year programs in both general and career education. Most technical institutes offer two-year programs in such fields as automotive engineering, business, and electronics. After completing a two-year course at a community college, junior college, or technical institute, a student receives an associate's degree - or a certificate in the case of certain types of specialized training. Colleges and universities provide a wide selection of liberal arts and career programs. Most offer a four- or five-year liberal arts program leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Many colleges and most universities offer advanced courses leading to a master's or doctor's degree. Most universities also have professional schools, which provide training and award degrees in such fields as business, dentistry, education, engineering, law, and medicine. Students ordinarily must complete a certain amount of college work before gaining admission. Some professional schools are not connected with a university. They offer advanced courses in business, law, and other fields. Many award the same kinds of degrees as do professional schools of universities.


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