Dialogue 5

CA What would you like to have for the main course? We have chicken fillet ['fɪlɪt] with fried potatoes and vegetables and a porkchop with rice.

P I think Ill have a porkchop. How is it cooked?

CA It is well done.

P Good.

CA Here you are. Enjoy your meal, madam.

Dialogue 6

CA For the main course I can offer you curriedchicken breast with buckwheat and beef stew with pasta. Which do you prefer?

P Everything sounds good. I think I will choose chicken with buckwheat.

CA Enjoy your meal, sir.


Dialogue 7

CA For the main course I can offer you sturgeon with vegetables.

P I am allergic to fish.

CA Unfortunately, the choice of hot meals is already limited, but I will try to help you. Now I can offer you some salad and sandwiches. I recommend ordering a special meal next time when you book Transaero ticket. We have a wide choice of special meals and you dont have to pay extra money for the order.

P I had no idea. Thank you.

CA You are welcome. Enjoy your meal. I will come up to you later.

Dialogue 8

CA What would you like to drink? Tea or coffee?

P Coffee, please.

CA Black or white?

P Black, please. Thank you.

CA You are welcome.

Dialogue 9

CA I can offer you tea or coffee.

P Tea, please.

CA Would you like to have it with some milk or lemon?

P No, thanks.

Dialogue 10.

CA Would you like some more tea or coffee?

P Tea, please.

CA More sugar, sir? If you need some milk, I will bring it to you in a minute.May I take your tray?

P Yes, thank you. Everything was delicious.

Dialogue 11

CA Would you like to drink anything? We have alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Which do you prefer?

P What kind of alcoholic drinks do you serve?

CA I can offer you Russian vodka Flagman, Italian dry white Martini, French champagne and Scotch whisky Ballantines.

P Actually, I would rather have Whisky on the rocks cocktail and something non-alcoholic. What do you have?

CA I can offer you orange, apple and tomato juice J7, pepsi, seven up, still mineral water and peach ice tea. Which would you like to drink?

P Id like to have some apple juice if its cold.

CA I can put a few cubes of ice in your glass, if you dont mind.

P That would be great.

CA Here is your drink and some salted nuts, madam.


  1. A. Make up short dialogues expressing your opinion, agreeing or disagreeing. Use the prompts given below.
  2. A. Read the dialogue and reproduce it in Indirect Speech.
  3. A. Sarah and Ken are having an argument. Read what Sarah says and complete the dialogue with Kens answers from the box below. Then try to guess his last answer.
  4. Answer the questions to the dialogue.
  5. B. Read and translate the dialogue.
  6. C. Answer questions to the text. Make up a dialogue on the basis of this information.
  7. Complete the dialogue with the options (1, 2, 3, 4). Then act out the dialogue.
  8. Compose dialogues using the key words for the situations given below.
  9. D. Make up short dialogues expressing lack of certainty and surprise. Use prompts given below.
  10. Dialogue
  11. Dialogue
  12. Dialogue

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