D. Make up short dialogues expressing lack of certainty and surprise. Use prompts given below.

e.g.If I remember rightly, Vladimir Lenin studied in Kazan.

Really? Its news to me. When was it?

1) There are more than 200 holidays in Russia and only 7 are state ones!

2) In 1240 Kiev was destroyed by the Mongols.

3) The first animal in space was a Russian dog, Laika.

4) Viking Rurik founded the first Russian dynasty in Novgorod.

5) 13 cities in Russia have population over 1 m.

6) The USSR was divided into fifteen independent republics.

7) The Russian Federation is home to as many as 160 different ethnic groups.


100 a/one hundred 1000 a/one thousand 1 000 000 (1m ) a/one million 3 000 000 000 (3bn) three billion
Bigger numbers
3 560 three thousand five hundred andsixty (BrE) sixty (AmE) 598, 374 five hundred and ninety-eight thousand, three hundred and forty- seven(BrE) ninety-eight thousand, three hundred forty-seven(AmE)
Decimals Vulgar fractions
  16.5 sixteen point five 17.38 % seventeen point three eight percent 0.185 (nought) point one eight five 1/8 a/one eighth 3/8 three eighths 1/2 a/one half 3/4 three quarters 20/83 twenty over eighty three


  1. A Short Course in Human Relations
  2. A) Scan the text and fill in the table below.
  3. A. Expressing Present
  4. A. Make up short dialogues expressing your opinion, agreeing or disagreeing. Use the prompts given below.
  5. A. Read the short extract from the interview and recognize any constructions expressing Future Actions.
  6. A. Sarah and Ken are having an argument. Read what Sarah says and complete the dialogue with Kens answers from the box below. Then try to guess his last answer.
  7. A. What do you know about the economy of Canada? Complete this file, use vertical prompts if necessary.
  8. Analyze the meanings of the italicized words. Identify the result of the changes of the connotational aspect of lexical meaning in the given words.
  10. Ask your partner the questions below.
  11. B) Find 5 sentences in the text with the given word-combinations.
  12. B) Give a short description of some other disease using a few phrases from the text above.

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D. Can you say what these dates mean in the history of Russia? Use the dates to complete the sentences below. | E. Write in words how you would say the numbers in brackets, in British English. The first one is done as an example for you.

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