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E. Write in words how you would say the numbers in brackets, in British English. The first one is done as an example for you.

1) 456, 780 - four hundred and fifty six thousand, seven hundred and eighty

2) 1, 230 5) 120, 330 8) 3/8

3) 12, 300 6) 12.33% 9) 0.169

4) 12,030 7) 1/5 10) 174, 607, 513

F. What is the answer to these sums? Write the sums and the answers in figures.

1) Twelve multiplied by eight is - 12 x 8 = 96

2) One hundred and forty four divided by twelve is -

3) Twenty eight multiplied by three is -

4) One point five million multiplied by three is -

5) Seven hundred eighty-nine divided by six is -

6) Thirty seven point five multiplied by five is -

7) One million six hundred divided by five is -

G. Read some statistics about Russia.

  Moscow St. Petersburg Nizhniy Novgorod
Population 10,469,000 (2003 census) 4,596,000 (2005 census) 1,370,200 (2007 census)
  Russian Tatar Ukrainian Chuvash
Ethnic groups 81.5 % 3.8 % 3.0 % 1.2 %

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D. Make up short dialogues expressing lack of certainty and surprise. Use prompts given below. | SAYING FIGURE 0 (BrE)

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