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A) Match the words to make word combinations

1. to try a) subdivisions
2. to consist of b) criminal cases
3. to deal with c) The Supreme court
4. to take d) powers
5. to establish e) a case
6. to separate f) appeals


B) Fill in the gaps with the suitable word-combinations

1. Crown Courts ….such as murder, rape, arson, armed robbery, fraud, and so on.

2. Magistrate courts ……..minor offences.

3. The High Court of Justice ……three separate subdivisions: the Queen's Bench Division, the Chancery Divisionand the Family Division.

4. The main reason for the establishment of this court is …..in the country.

5. The Constitutional Reform Act 2005 ……..of the United Kingdom.



Exercise 17

Complete the sentences.

Model : The structure of the court system in Britain is … .

e.g. The structure of the court system in Britain is many-layered.

  1. The courts in Great Britain are divided …
  2. The tribunals are …
  3. Criminal courts are …
  4. Civil courts include …
  5. The highest court in the country is …
  6. According to the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 …


Exercise 18

Speaking. Ask your friend some questions on judicial system of Great Britain.

Exercise 19

Writing. Make the summary of the text 2. Use these phrases:


I’ll give a review of the text. The title of the article is … The text is devoted to … At the beginning of the text … The text says (describes, underlines, stresses) that … The text goes on to say … It is interesting to note … At the end of the article … In conclusion the author writes …


Exercise 20

Grammar focus 1. Past perfect tense. Revision.

  I, we, they, you he, she, it   had+ Participle 2 gone seen finished

A) Complete the sentences, using the verb in brackets.

Model:I was very excited about visiting London because I (be) had never been there before.

a. The little boy couldn ’t wait to get to the sea. (see) He_______________________ before.

b. The lecturer was late that morning. The class didn’t know what to think, (be/late) He__________________________________________________________.

c. It was Miss Kelly’s first day at court. She was very nervous because she (testify)________ before.


B) Use the Past Perfect Tense of the verbs given in brackets to complete the sentences.

Model:When John and I got to the river, the boat race (start already) had already started.

1. She felt tired because she (walk a lot/that day)______________________

2. She went for a holiday after she (pass the exams) ___________________

3. I didn’t know what to do when they (show/me/the photo of the suspect)____________

4. He didn’t start speaking until the witnesses (leave/the room)______________

5. When I met Helen, I understood why Bill (marry her)__________________


Exercise 21

Grammar focus 2. Future perfect tense.

I, we Shall +   Have+ Participle 2 gone done translated
they, you he, she, it Will+

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