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A. Match professions with their definitions.

Professional people

architect teaches in a university
lawyer plans for buildings of roads, bridges, machines, etc
engineer controls the financial situation of people and companies
accountant designs buildings
university lecturer buys and sells stocks and shares
broker (stock market) works for the government
civil servant represents people with legal problems

Medical professions

doctor animal doctor
nurse operates on people
surgeon gives medical treatment and tries to solve medical problem
dentist helps people to solve personal problems
vet practices dentistry
psychologist looks after and takes care of others


Manual jobs (these jobs are done with hands and all the examples given

below are skilled jobs and need a lot of training)

bricklayer makes things using wood
carpenter repairs cars
plumber fits and repairs electrical things
electrician builds walls
mechanic fits and repairs water pipes, bathrooms etc.

Armed forces and emergency services

soldier serves in the navy
sailor is in the police service
pilot works in the fire brigade
police officer serves in the army
firefighter flies the aircraft

B. Write down at least one job from the list that would probably be impossible for these people.

1) Someone who didn’t go to the university

2) Someone with very bad eyesight (cannot see very well)

3) Someone who is always seasick on a boat

4) Someone who understands nothing about cars.

5) Someone who will not work in the evening or at weekends.

6) Someone who is afraid of dogs.

7) Someone who is afraid of heights and high places.

8) Someone who is terrible at numbers and figures.

9) Someone who can’t stand the sight of blood.

10) Someone who is a pacifist, who is anti-war.

C. You have just bought a piece of land and you are planning to build a house on it. Write down at least six people that you may need to help you. What would you need their help for?


A. Discuss.

v Where were you born and brought up?

v Who is the core of your family?

v How many people form a family?

v What’s the ideal age to start up a family life?

v Does any ideal family exist?

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E. A host (H) and a guest (G) are sitting in the airport lounge after a successful business meeting. Role-play the dialogue according to the model given below. | B. Study the following.

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