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A) Read the words describing the qualities required for the legal profession and translate them into Russian. Use a dictionary.

experienced, accurate, flexible, honest, irreproachable, tolerant, diligent, calm, good at problem-solving, decisive, courageous, wise, independent, unbiased, highly-disciplined, laconic, strong-willed  


B) What qualities do you personally have or would like to have?


Exercise 11

A) Fill in the table with the information from the above text and the words from exercise 10.

Legal career Functions Qualities required for the profession
an advocate    
    unbiased, decisive, wise, good at problem-solving
a prosecutor    
an arbitrator    
  to settle disputes between legal entities  
an in-house lawyer    


B) Speaking. What is your future legal career? What qualities do you need for your profession?


Exercise 12

Use the expressions from exercise 14 “How to make a presentation” (Unit 1 “Court system of the Russian Federation”) and prepare a short presentation on the following topics:

1. The choice of places of work and occupation for a lawyer.

2. The duties of an advocate, a prosecutor, an arbitrator, an in-house lawyer, a judge, a notary.

3. Your choice of a legal career.

Section II

The Legal Profession in Russia


Exercise 13

Answer the following questions.

1) What types of legal profession in England do you know?

2) Do you know the types of legal profession in Russia?

Exercise 14

Читайте також:

  2. A) Match the words on the left with the expressions on the right.
  3. A) Match the words to make word combinations
  4. A) Practise using the words and word combinations in bold type to make other comparisons between some two-four regions of Russia. Write your best sentences down.
  5. A. Listen to James describing his family situation and answer the questions.
  6. A. Match professions with their definitions.
  7. Analyze the meanings of the italicized words. Identify the result of the changes of the connotational aspect of lexical meaning in the given words.
  8. And write your own sentences with the same words and phrases.
  9. Animals: describing people
  10. Archaic, obsolete and historic words
  11. B) Make up sentences with the word-groups you have translated.

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A) Choose the correct answer. | Choose the correct form of the words in capital letters to fill in the text and you will find out more information about types of legal professions in Russia.

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