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The first black-and-white nine-by-twelve inch TV sets

In a surprisingly short time

1. has been replaced by colour

2. the development of TV became
digital television in which the usual
signal is replaced by a digital code.

3. At present 3. were of historical importance

in 1939.

4. Satellite and cable TV makes 4. television has had great influ-
it possible ence on people's life and way of


5. Recently black-and-white TV 5. is the most important stage in

the development of TV since the appearance of colour television.

6. The next major advance in 6. to watch TV programs in dif-

ferent parts of the country and throughout the world.

7. The invention of high-defini- 7. there are different kinds of tele-
tion television with a picture re- vision systems: satellite, cable, col-
sembling a wide screen film our, pocket-size, digital, high-de­
finition television.

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Been solved and in the future it would be possible via satellite and cable TV to use more channels on a TV set at every home in the world. | Что нового вы узнали из текста? Соотнесите факты, относящиеся к истории развития телефонной связи, со следующими датами: 1877 г. и 1915 г.

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