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Choose the correct answer.

a. is a subsidiary of Citicorp.
b. has a stake in Citicorp.
c. borrows money at 5% at Citicorp.


1. Kingdom Holdings….



a. studied in San Francisco.
b. ran his first company.
c. bought shares in Disneyland Paris.


2. When he was fourteen he….



a. invested in property in Saudi Arabia.
b. worked in Korea.
c. lost over $1 billion.


3. In the eighties he…



a. is worth $890 million.
b. has increased by $890 million.
c. cost $890 million.


4. His stake in Citicorp…



a. owns a quarter of the shares in Disneyland Paris.
b. has a small stake in Disneyland Paris.
c. is the majority shareholder in Disneyland Paris.


5. Kingdom Holdings…


Match the numbers. Find them in the text. What do they refer to?

1. 25 a. three hundred and fifty
2. 1991 b. nineteen eighty-eight
3. 350 c. five point five
4. 5.5 d. twenty-five
5. 15 e. fifteen
6. 1988 f. nineteen ninety-one


4 (7) Listening.


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