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Unit 1 Listening 7(3)


In 1999 the minimum wage was set at £3.60 an hour for adults and £3.00 for young workers aged between eighteen and twenty-one. Surveys showed that most employers wanted the minimum wage to be

£3.50, but at least they are pleased the government did not set it at £4.00

as many workers demanded.


Unit 1 Listening 8(4)


The most expensive place to live in Europe is Oslo. In the world ranking it comes in fifth position. Paris is another expensive European city and comes in at seventh place in the world ranking. London is in tenth place – a dramatic move from the previous year when it was in twenty-eighth place. Surprisingly, Stockholm is cheaper than London and comes in at thirteenth position. Dusseldorf and Lyon both come lower down at twenty-first position and Frankfurt is in twenty-sixth place.


Unit 1 Listening 9(5)


Annual holidays vary greatly from country to country. The Spanish take an average of 32.1 days holiday per year compared with the Hungarians and the British who have only 22.1 days – just over four working weeks. In the Czech Republic, annual holidays are even less generous, with the average number of days at just 19.5.


Unit 1 Listening 10(6)


RA=Robyn Alton, MM=Matthew Mead

food and drink. I spend approximately 10% of my income on food and drink in a year.


MM: Uh hu. I spend about 14%, I’d say, so a bit more than you, but, er, less than the pie chart. It seems a lot, doesn’t it?


RA: It seems a lot. What about housing?


MM: Housing; I spend about 27%, erm which is quite a lot, it’s a lot of my income, er for one area, but I am buying a second house, so it costs more money. Transport seemed quite high, I thought, er 15.7% for transport. I spend only about 6 or 7%. What about you?


RA: I spend 15% erm of my total income on transportation, er so that didn’t surprise me, that figure. What about household goods and services?


MM: Well, I’ve only got 4%, but erm, I am not doing much work on my house at the moment, so it’s not a great deal of my income. What about you?


RA: I spend 12% on household goods and services; I spend erm money on decorating, gardening, erm so that’s a large part of my expenditure.


MM: Right. I spend about 16% - 15 or 16% on leisure goods and services, so about the same as the pie chart.


RA: That’s similar to me. I spend about 15%.





MM: Right. That’s on going to the gym, spots, maybe some


RA: That’s, that’s very similar for me. What about tobacco? I’ve, I spend 0% on tobacco.

MM: Mmm, I don’t smoke, so it’s not an important part for me,

and er 2% seems very high.


RA: It seems to me too.


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