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My Future Profession - a Lawyer

Soon I’ll graduate from the college. I’ll be a lawyer. And my speciality is the lawyer in the sphere of economics.

The profession of a lawyer is very difficult but interesting. This person should be a very skillful specialist in Russian and may be even in foreign legislation. It’s out of the question that a lawyer is to know where it is possible to find the necessary information: different laws and codes, edicts and decrees of the President and the government. Besides, “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” should be always at his or her hand as it is the first edition that publishes the last decrees, amendments and additions to this or that legislation.

Any citizen of our country knows that the main law of our country is the Constitution and all other acts mustn’t contradict it. I think that everybody should read it and know the main rights and responsibilities of a man and a citizen. Our Constitution was adopted in 1993, December 12. This day is a holiday in our country. The Constitution contains information about the rights and responsibilities of a man and a citizen, the rights and responsibilities of the President of our country, the government, the Duma, the municipal government, the judicial system and other important information.

As for my studies, we have very professional tutors who teach us different subjects, such as: criminal law, civil law, international law, family and labour law, Constitutional law, the theory of state and right, notary and many others. As for me, my favourite subject is… because…

So, a lawyer should know these subjects at his fingertips to be the brilliant and experienced specialist.

A lawyer is a specifically wide notion. This person can hold different positions, for example, a solicitor, a procurator, an assistant procurator, a judge, an investigator, an officer of the court, a bailiff, a notary, a deputy, a custom-house officer, an officer in militia and other positions. As for me, I’d like to be a … because this position is … (prestigious, well-paid, interesting and so on).

All in all, a lawyer should be well-informed, talkative, highly-educated, competent and skillful specialist. I hope that I’ll be an experienced and professional person in this sphere.

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