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Exercise 2. Преобразуйте предложения, употребив инфинитив в функции определения.

Образец: He was the first man who arrived. – He was the first man to arrive.

1) He was the first who broke the silence.

2) There are a lot of things that need repairing.

3) Would you be so kind and lend me your umbrella.

4) He wished he had a younger brother with whom he could play.

5) There was no place where he could sit.

6) I can’t go to the party, I have nothing that I can wear.

7) It is convenient that you have a balcony in your flat.

Exercise 3. Преобразуйте предложения, употребив инфинитив в функции обстоятельства.

Образец: They sent me to Paris. They wanted me to learn French. – They sent me to Paris to learn French.

1) She went to London. She wanted to find a job there.

2) I’m buying paint. I want to paint my door.

3) They got up very early. They wanted to get to the top of the hill before sunrise.

4) He rang the bell. He wanted to tell us that dinner was ready.

5) I took off my shoes. I didn’t wasn’t to make any noise.

6) I’m learning Greek. I wish to read Homer.

7) I’m saving money. I want to buy a car.

Exercise 4. Объедините следующие предложения, употребив нужную форму инфинитива.

1) It’s very cold. We can’t bathe.

2) The boy is very young. He can’t have a front-door key.

3) It was very dark. We couldn’t see the car.

4) I sent him out of the room. I wanted to discuss his progress with the headmaster.

5) We sent his children to his sister’s house. He wanted to have some peace.

6) Don’t let the baby play with my glasses. He may break them.

7) We must take our gloves. We don’t want to get frozen.

Exercise 5. Употребите следующие предложения в страдательном залоге, изменив конструкцию.

Образец: People say that he was a clever man.

It is said that he was a clever man.

He is said to be a clever man.

1) They say that paper has been invented in China.

2) Some people consider that Hamlet is the summit of Shakespeare’s art.

3) They say that Nick lived on potatoes and vinegar.

4) People know that he is armed.

5) They believe that he was killed at the front.

6) We expect that the expedition will reach the South Pole in May.

7) We consider that she was the best singer in America.

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