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Тлумачний словник

Раскройте скобки и поставьте глагол в нужную временную форму действительного или страдательного залога.

1. I (to meet) him yesterday. He said, he (to visit) England the year before. He promised, he (to show) the pictures soon.

2. – What you (to write) now? It (to be) a composition? - No! The composition (to write) already. And I (to write) a letter now. I (to ask) by the teacher yesterday to write it.

3. – You (to solve) the problem? - No, they said, the problem (to solve) by the following Monday.

4. – When I (to come), you (to read) the book. Now you (to read) it again. You always (to read) so much? - No, usually I (not to read) so much. But this book (to be) very interesting. I (to read) it since early morning.

5. –Where (to be) the newspaper? I can’t find it. - It (to read) by your father now. But I (to think), he (to finish) soon, because he (to read) it for 2 hours already.

6. Willy (to ask) by the teacher tomorrow.

7. The homework (to do) by 5 p.m. tomorrow?


6. Choose the right variant:

1. What … at 5 p.m. yesterday?

a) did you do; b) did you doing; c) were you doing;

2. I … my homework.

a) didn’t done; b) done; c) have done;

3. My brother … the University next year.

a) shan’t enter; b) won’t enter; c) enter;

1. I … this book for two weeks already.

a) have been reading; b) read; c) was reading;

2. While I…the dishes, she … the flowers.

a) washed, watered; b) wash, water; c) am washing, is watering;

3. If I … , I shall come.

a) shall have; b) had; c) have;

4. When you … , call me!

a) are ready; b) will be ready; c) ready;

5. Yesterday I … to college.

a) go; b) didn’t go; c) didn’t went;

6. Last year I … a new flat.

a) have bought; b) was buying; c) bought;

7. Look! They … .

a) dance; b) are dancing; c) were dancing;

8. … early yesterday?

a) Did you get up; b) Did you got up; c) You got up;

9. He said, he …a new car.

a) bought; b) will buy; c) had bought;

10. He said that he … do it himself.

a) will; b) would; c) had;

11. He told me that the teacher … the book the day before.

a) gave; b) had given; c) was given;

12. They promised to us that they … home by 6 o’clock.

a) will return; b) would have returned; c) will have returned;

13. He told me that I … write a letter to my old German friend.

a) should; b) shoulded; c) shall;

14. He said that she would be 19… .

a) tomorrow; b) the next year;

15. She said, “Give me the book!”

a) She asked to give ; b) She asked, give c) She asked that give

the book.; the book.; the book.;

16. She says, … she has much time.

a) if; b) that; c) what.

17. He … the door because something was wrong with the lock.

a) cannot open; b) couldn’t open; c) may not;

18. You …help your friends.

a) should; b) have to; c) are to;

19. When …he to meet you?

a) have; b) is; c) should;

20. Next year I … to drive a car very well.

a) will can; b) will be allowed; c) will be able;

21. … you give me your pen?

a) can; b) could; c) may;

22. … I take tour pen?

a) can; b) could; c) may;

23. The boy … by his parents.

a) loves; b) is loved; c) is been loved;

24. The luggage … now.

a) was packed; b) is been packed; c) is being packed;

25. These little boys … by the policeman in the wood.

a) were found; b) are being found; c) been found;

26. Italian … by him already.

a) is studied; b) has been studied; c) has studied;

27. This textbook … by the end of August.

a) will been published; b) will have published; c) will have been published;

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