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Special Services and Hotel Facilities

Nowadays large, modern hotels contain not only guest rooms, but many other facilities as well. They usually contain restaurants and cocktail lounges, shops and recreational facilities for social functions, conventions and conferences — ballrooms, auditoriums, meeting rooms of different sizes, exhibit areas and so forth.
Not so long ago, convention facilities were ordinarily found only in large cities or in intensively developed resort areas like Miami Beach. Nowadays they are more often included in resort hotels so that the people who attend conventions there can combine business with pleasure.
Catering, providing food and drink for transients, has always gone together with accommodations. Food services are a feature of hotels. The typical modern “packaged hotel” includes a restaurant, a coffee shop for quicker and less expensive meals, and a bar or cocktail lounge. Many larger hotels have several restaurants, often featuring different kinds of foods, as well as different prices. Hotels also normally provide “room service” — food and drink that are brought to the guest’s room. In addition, catering service provided in the hotel’s recreational areas. The poolside bar and snack bar, for quick food, are normal parts of the service at a resort hotel. So, restaurants, bars and nightclubs outside the hotels are a standard feature of the resort scene. They provide not only catering, but also some kind of entertainment for the tourist who is bored with the limits of hotel life.


Answer the questions:

1. What do modern hotels contain?

2. What are convention facilities intended for?

3. What does a typical modern hotel include?

4. What is “room service” normally provided in hotels?

5. What do restaurants outside the hotels provide for tourists?


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