In many Belarusian cities we have what we call multiple service establishments. They are tailor shops, shoemakers, barbers, hairdressers, dyers, dry cleaners, watch repair and other service shops combined in one. Service is generally good, but sometimes it leaves much to be desired. Such service establishments are an excellent arrangement for the busy man, especially when all the little things, minor services) are done while you wait. The tailor shop will take care of major and minor alterations and repairs: lengthen or shorten the sleeves, patch trousers and set them right for you, press clothing and even sew on buttons.
At these service establishments they also have a dyers and cleaners shop (dyeing and cleaning service). If you have any stains you want to be removed, the dry cleaners will take care of them. Nowadays they have ways of removing stains without leaving any traces. The dyers will make a neat job of dyeing material from one colour to another.
One of the services available is the photographers. You can have your photo taken there, and if its urgent theyll do it in a few hours. They will also develop and print snapshots taken by amateur photographers.
Then you will find a watchmaker at your service. He will set your watch, if it is slow or fast, put a new glass in, or clean it, if it needs cleaning. As a rule a watch keeps perfect time after the watchmakers hands.
A busy place is the shoemakers. They have a wide choice of leather and rubber soles and heels. And they dont charge much, prices are quite reasonable.
Another service establishment that we frequently visit is the barbers shop for men and the hairdressers (or beauty parlour) for women. At the barbers you can get a shave, haircut and shampoo. The services you would expect to find at the hairdressers are: permanent wave, manicure, skin treatment (massages both hand and electric) with all sorts of creams. They will do your hair to the latest fashion.

Answer these questions:
1 What services does a multiple service shop offer its customers?
2 Why is it convenient to have all services combined in amulti pie service establishment?

3 Is a multiple service centre an excellent arrangement for a busy man?
4 Are you a regular customer at the local multi pie service establishment?
5. What kind of people are most likely to use services of the tailors and dressmakers? Do the British use services more frequently than people in our country? Ho do you account for it?
6. In what season of the year is the shoemakers an especially busy place? Why?
7. Where do you usually have your footwear repaired?
8. Why do people change their walking shoes for slippers when they come home?
9. Do you press your clothes or do you have them pressed for you?
10. Who are usually more clever with the needle, men or women? Why?
11. If a watch keeps perfect time, would you have it cleaned?
12. If your watch gains (or if it is slow), could you set it right yourself?
13. What services are available at the dry cleaners?
14. How often do you usually have a haircut? A shave?
15. Which is a more busy place, a barbers or a hairdressers? Why?
16. Would you like to wear your hair long or short, combed back or parted on the side?
17.Are you good at photography? Is it your hobby?
18. Why do people like taking photographs?
19. Would you like to be taken in full face or in profile?
20. What type of photograph do you prefer: landscape, portrait or still life?


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