Read the texts and enrich your general knowledge of the places to go out for a meal in Great Britain. What can you say about eating out in your city?

Many housewives in Britain have nice kitchens in their apartments. But they have neither time nor desire to cook. They often buy ready-made food at the supermarkets or go to restaurants.
A very popular pastime is eating out in a restaurant. In most towns there is a wide variety of restaurants serving different types of food at different prices. Most British towns now have Chinese or Indian restaurants which serve quite cheap food; Italian restaurants are also popular and French restaurants are famous for expensive high quality cooking.

When you have looked at the menu and chosen what you want to eat, the waiter will come and take your order. Normally, you tell him what you want for the first two courses. He will take your order for dessert and coffee later.

In some places you can dance to disco music between the courses of your meal. Dine and dance is offered by the restaurants of large hotels and clubs.
While having your drink or a meal you may enjoy a cabaret. This can be any kind of show: music, singing, dancing, or people telling stories and jokes.
When you finish eating, ask the waiter to bring you the bill. In most restaurants a service charge (10 15 %) is added into the total sum thats why its not necessary to give the waiter a tip.
According to the restaurant etiquette you dont shout Waiter loudly across the room if you want to call him. You raise your hand and try to catch the waiters eye without shouting or waiving your arms. Its not easy to get the waiters attention, but its much more polite than shouting which would make you very unpopular.
As well as restaurants most towns have a number of bars and cafes where you can get sandwiches and other snacks. There are also hamburger restaurants specializing in cheap meals especially hamburgers. Many pubs now have restaurants or grill rooms too. In some you can get a full range of dishes, in others the choice is more limited.
A fairly recent development is the growth of take-away restaurants. Here you can buy cooked meals to take home. Fish and chip shops have been and still are very popular. You can have some meal there (fish, but sometimes chicken or sausage too) or take it away to be eaten somewhere outside. Now there are take- away Chinese and Indian restaurants in many towns and special take-away restaurants serving fried chicken are also popular. Your order is packed in special containers particularly because you dont have to pay V.A.T. on it.


Answer the questions:

  1. Why do many people in Britain by ready-made food or go to the restaurants?
  2. Are restaurants in Britain mostly British?
  3. What is offered in the restaurants besides food and drinks?
  4. Is it necessary to give the waiter a tip?
  5. What do you do if you want to call the waiter?
  6. What are take-away restaurants?
  7. Why is your order packed in special containers in take-away restaurants?



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