Exercise 6. Complete the sentences with the words from the box.

booking confirm flight leave queue receipt

1. I have to change my . . Id like the 9:30 flight to Rome, not the 10:45.

2. Just take a taxi, and ask the driver for a . .

3. Please phone them to . my flight details.

4. Nobody likes to .. at check-in.

5. The 12:10 to Frankfurt is now boarding at Gate 20.

6. All trains to the city centre .. from platform 5.

Exercise 7. Complete the sentences with the prepositions from the box.

at by for from off on to

1. The plane arrives 10 a.m.

2. Its a large airport. You never wait very long luggage.

3. Passengers ... flight BA564 Rome, please go Gate 27.

4. I got the bus, and then walked the booking-office.

Exercise 8. Match the opposites.

1. to land 2. to leave 3. to get off 4. to be delayed 5. to catch a) to arrive b) to be on time c) to take off d) to miss e) to get on

Exercise 9. Complete the sentences with the correct verbs from exercise 8.

1. There is sometimes a last security check just before the plane .. .

2. Be polite, and wait for people to .. the train before you .. .

3. Dont .. the 8:30 Express! The next one isnt until 11:00.

4. Right. So, the departure time is 10:30. And what time does it ..?

5. We regret to announce that all the trains .. because of the snow.

Exercise 10. Match the questions and the answers.

1. Can we fly direct from Rome to Tashkent? 2. Can you use Microsoft Power-Point?   3. Can she speak Italian?   4. Could I use your computer for half an hour? 5. Where can I buy phone cards?     4. Excuse me. Can I open the window?   5. Can you hear me now?   6. Can I make a phone call, please? 7. Can we go to the airport by underground? a) Yes, you dont need to change. b) Yes, you can. But you have to change twice from here. c) At the post office. A lot of kiosks sell them, too. d) Sure! Its really hot in here.   e) Yes, go ahead. Just dial 9 to get an outside line. f) Yes, of course. You can use it all morning if you like. Ill be in a meeting. g) Yes, thats better. Its not a very good line, is it? h) No, I cant. but I want to learn. i) Yes, and her Chinese is quite good, too.

Exercise 11. Read the dialogue, role play it.


Buying a Ticket

Good morning. What can I do for you?

I want to have a ticket to London. Are any seats available on Wednesday, next week?

Are you flying alone, sir?


What class?


Just a moment, sir There are some seats left.


Whats your name, sir?

Victor Petrov.

As a rule, we sell Ukrainian citizens return tickets. You can buy an open-date ticket for a journey back.

O.K. How much is it?

Its 1,155 grivnas, including airport taxes.

May I pay cash?

Certainly, sir. Here you are. Flight PS501.

What time is the Flight due to depart?

It leaves at 8 a.m., but you must come to the airport an hour before the departure time to check in.

And what time does it arrive in London?

10.30 local time. There is two hours time difference, you know.

Thank you.

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Exercise 1. Open the brackets and use the Past Continuous Tense. | Can you watch TV programmes in English? Yes, I can.

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