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My plans for future

Hi, there! Here is Vera again. I am afraid this will be my last meeting with you because I need to get ready for my trip home. I am leaving for Sochi tonight. Not only to enjoy our warm southern sun and to swim in blue waters of the Black Sea, but to see my family. Besides, I have nothing to do here anymore: I have passed all the exams successfully and I'm free till the 1st of September.

As I have already told you, my father works at the bank. He makes good money, but I never wanted to have a job like his. I think it is so boring and unhealthy to sit all day at the desk. It takes so much of nerves, because it is a great responsibility to work with large amounts of money. Especially when this money is not yours and belongs to thousands of other people. Sometimes my father spends a whole night at work, preparing his reports.

But anyway, I want to talk about my plans for future and not about my father. I would really want to work with people rather thanwith figures and numbers. I want to travel much and see other places and meet different people. One of the opportunities for this is to work for a foreign enterprise in Russia or to work abroad for a big company. You also travel much if you work for the travel agency. And, as far as I know, this kind of job is well paid.

Of course, it is quite difficult to qualify for such a job. You need to have a very good educational level and a good command of spoken and written foreign language, computer skills, and, finally, some experience.

As I said before, my school gives a very good background knowledge of subject. But this knowledge is too general. Most graduates are prepared for work only theoretically. We didn’t have much practice. The only opportunity to work somewhere is that during the summer vacation. But of course one wants to rest a little after a whole year of studies and a hard exam session. But in my opinion, practice is the only opportunity to gain practical knowledge of subject.

I think that it is quite impossible to have a good command of English after finishing secondary school. Two or four hours of English a week is not enough. It is necessary to have classes outside the University. One more factor which really helps to have a good command of English is the communication with native speakers, and of course reading much in English. It is especially useful to read books on economics, business, marketing and management in the original. When one knows the special vocabulary or terminology it will be much easier to communicate with your colleagues from other countries. As you know, English is world recognized as an international business language. But, of course, English only is not enough. There are still countries and people who prefer to use their native language. And how many businesses in your city, for instance, have English-speaking staff? This situation is the same in many European countries.

I don’t think I’ll be unemployed. Firms need specialists in finance, management and marketing. Employers need young and energetic employees who have computer skills.

Bye for now!

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