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Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was born on September 14, in 1849 in Ryazan. When he was still a very little boy he helped his father on his farm. His father taught him to read books.

In 1870 Pavlov entered Petersburg University to study natural sciences. Soon he decided to become a physiologist himself.

During his work at the Academy Pavlov discovered some new facts about the blood pressure.

In 1881 Pavlov got married. His wife was a wonderful help and companion to him. Their marriage was a very happy one.

In 1890 Pavlov began to lecture on physiology in the Military Academy. Many of his ideas were new to the students and he was a very popular lecturer. His lectures were simple and clear. He didn’t use notes since his memory was wonderful. He allowed students to interrupt him and gladly answered their questions.

Pavlov studied the work of the digestive system. He made many experiments on dogs. He had to make operations on dogs and as he loved animals he treated his dogs with great kindness and they showed no fear of him. Pavlov never operated unless it was necessary and he always used anaesthetics. He was a very skilful surgeon and his dogs generally recovered very quickly. Pavlov made great contribution to medical science.

When he was an old man of seventy-four he worked as hard as ever. He rose at 7 o’clock each morning, ate a simple breakfast of tea and bread-and-butter. He worked nine or ten hours a day.

A few years before his death he addressed the youth of our country:

1. Be systematic in your work.

2. Never try to hide the defects in your knowledge.

3. Never imagine that you know everything.

4. Remember that the important thing is enthusiasm. Science demands of a man his whole life.

Pavlov, the great Russian scientist, died on February 27, 1936 at the age of eighty-six.


Proof these statements

  1. He was a popular lecturer.
  2. He was a skilful surgeon.
  3. Pavlov made contribution to medical science.
  4. Pavlov was a hard-working man.


What principles do these people follow?


  1. Tom always does his work with pleasure and interest.
  2. If Mary doesn’t know something she always asks questions about it.
  3. Max is a good specialist in his work. But he keeps on learning.
  4. Anton never passes on to the next work until he has finished the previous one.


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